Medical Records

Due to the concern of keeping everyone safe and healthy during the COVID 19 crisis, we are not accepting walk-in requests for Medical Records. 

We request that you call, fax or mail a request for your medical records. Telephone number to call is 801-350-4882. Fax number is 801-350-4390. Email address is [email protected] 

There is a medical record request form on the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center website under Medical Records. Fill out the request and fax along with a photo identification to 801-350-4390.

If you need copies of your record urgently for an appointment with your provider, please have the provider's office call, and we will send the records directly to his/her office. 

Medical Records

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center maintains medical records for each patient treated at the hospital. To request your medical records, please visit our Health Information Management department or call 801-350-4882. Business hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm M-F. Prior to receiving copies of records or authorizing records to be disclosed, you will be asked to complete the appropriate form and provide proof of your identification with a valid, government issued photo ID.

The appropriate form, along with a copy of your proof of identification, may be faxed to 801-350-4390. Requests for medical records generally take up to 72 hours to process.

Request Records

The following form should be used for requests to inspect or obtain a copy of one’s own records or those of a patient for whom you are the legal representative.

Release Records - English

Request Records - Spanish

Release Records

The following form should be used for requests to disclose medical records to a third party.

Release Records - English

Release Records - Spanish

Records needed for continuing care purposes do not require the completion of any of the above referenced forms, but rather will be sent directly to your provider.