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November 14, 2016

Why Should You Care About Skin Health?

Why Should you Care About Skin Health?

By Gwen Hutchings, Licensed Master Aesthetician at Barr Aesthetics

November is National Healthy Skin Month, which begs the question: why should you care about skin health? It’s just cosmetic, right? Wrong. Your skin is your body’s largest—and most exposed—organ, and it performs several vital functions. Irregularities such as acne, brown spots, wrinkles, and chronic dryness are actually indicators that your largest organ isn’t as healthy as it could be—and that’s something worth caring about.

The health of your skin is affected by several factors. Like the rest of your body, it requires proper nutrition and hydration. You can provide that in two ways: internally, through a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, and externally, by using physician-quality skin care products formulated to address your individual needs. With a vast array of choices on the market, it can be difficult to determine what’s best for you. Fortunately, professionals with education regarding skin function and product ingredients, such as licensed aestheticians, can assist you in choosing home care that will properly nourish and care for your skin.

Appropriate treatments are another important part of achieving and maintaining optimal skin health. Just like you wouldn’t ignore spots on your kidneys, you shouldn’t ignore spots on your skin. Yearly check-ups with a dermatologist will help ensure that any suspicious or problematic lesions are caught early, and regular visits to a medical spa for clinical treatments ranging from extractions to laser therapy will further assist in restoring and sustaining skin that is healthy, radiant, and strong.

Finally, as with anything, prevention is a key component of health. When it comes to your skin, the best prevention is sun protection. Adequate sun protection will help guard against not only wrinkles and other forms of visible sun damage, but fatal forms of skin cancer. Many are surprised to learn that Utah has one of the highest rates of malignant skin cancer in the country, due in part to our elevation and active outdoor-centered lifestyles. Year-round, rain or shine, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of an SPF 30 or higher containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, and then reapply every hour. For reapplication, powdered sunscreens such as Colorescience Sunforgettables are an excellent option, as they can be applied directly over makeup and come self-contained in the applicator brush.

This month, make a commitment to do better by your skin. After all, beauty may only be skin deep, but health is so much more.


About the Author: Gwen Hutchings was first licensed as an aesthetician in 2001 after acquiring her training in Las Vegas, NV. In 2013, she completed additional schooling and board exams in Utah to obtain her Master Aesthetician license. Since then, she has continually attended advanced trainings for industry leaders, expanding her knowledge of both the science and art of medical aesthetics. She currently practices at barr aesthetics, performing a variety of laser skin treatments, clinical therapies, spa treatments, and microblading.