March 18, 2020


Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our patients, visitors and employees.

As we continue to monitor the developing coronavirus situation, we are revising our visitation policy to protect our community against the spread of respiratory illness, including COVID-19. The following policy is now in place.

General Visitation Information:

1.  Entrances to the campus for all visitors and patients will be restricted to the following entrances only (all other entrances will be locked and available for egress from the facility only or be accessed by badge access for certain personnel)

  • ER entrance – 24/7
  • Main entrance – 7AM to 5PM Monday - Friday
  • OB main entrance – 7AM to 5PM  Monday – Friday
  • Vendor Entrance (for deliveries only) – purchasing door open 7a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

 Expectant mothers may use the call button at main entrance for emergencies. Or enter through the Emergency Dept. 24/7.

2.  All campus visitors will be screened upon entrance for travel, new onset fever, cough, shortness of breath and recent close contact with person who test positive for COVID-19:  

a.  Any visitor with new onset cough, shortness of breath and fever will be referred to their primary care physician for follow up care and treatment. Return when well.

b.    Any visitor with travel history to a CDC/WHO designated high risk travel area and/or recent close contact with persons who tests positive for COVID 19 will be denied entry to the campus to reduce   the risk of disease spread. 

3.     Only 1 visitor 18 or older per patient will be permitted in the hospital for maximum of 1 hour a day until further notice. Exceptions may be provided on limited case-by-case basis. 

4.     For Visitors who do not screen positive, patients in isolation for COVID -19 are restricted to one (1) visitor per day.

               a.  Visitors of isolation patients will not be allowed to go to common areas (cafeteria, gift shop, etc.)

               b. Visitors of isolation patients will be required to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

               c. Visitors of isolation patients will be logged and tracked on entry to room.

               d. Any visitor of a positive COVID-19 patient will be reported to the Office of Public Health, see regulatory requirements for each state

5.    For Visitors who do not screen positive, two pediatric caregivers will be allowed to stay with children on the pediatric floor. 

6.    For Visitors who do not screen positive, Patients undergoing surgery/procedure may have a visitor prior to and after return from surgery and then adhere to visitation restrictions per policy.  

7.    Mothers arriving in labor will be allowed to have no more than two visitors accompany them as long as no travel, new onset cough, shortness of breath, new onset fever and/or close contact with     someone who screens positive for COVID -19. When patient is transferred to postpartum, visitors must abide by the restrictions above. 

8.    For Visitors who do not screen positive, ED patients will be allowed one (1) visitor to remain throughout ED stay.  Pediatric patient visitors will be limited to two adult visitors.

9.       Non-essential vendors or personnel will not be allowed entry starting immediately including product vendors and pharmaceutical reps. Essential vendors are those bringing necessary supplies for procedures and will be approved by calling the OR/Cath Lab Directors and/or through Purchasing.                               

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and patience as we continue to safely care for our community.